The Ultimate Knee Protection for flooring installers, carpenters, painters, auto detailers, landscapers and do it your selfers

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  • Our patented system offers 3 interchangeable designs
  • K2S Knee Pads are the foundation. A great all purpose knee pad for everyday use. 1-1/4 inch cushion for all day comfort. X-static top cover kills bacteria , eliminates odor.
  • K2S-500. Our version of (Pro Knee). The extension distributes weight along length of leg. Extension is removable giving the user a choice of protection.
  • K2S-1000. The K2S Kraft Seat has our patented seat design. The seat keeps your upper body weight off of your knees, shins and ankles. Reduces stress on lower extremities.
  • Our knee pads are designed for people who spend 8 hours a day or more kneeling.

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